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Clean City Movement VISION FOR PUNE

  • Providing infrastructure and related support to PMC for better and scientific management of waste
  • Waste/litter bins every 100-200m on both sides covering commercial and busy roads in Pune
  • 30km roads covered in phase I; 300km roads over 24 months
  • Support infrastructure for clearance of bins when full. Garbage clearance vehicles will clear bins and deposit garbage at transfer stations located in wards
  • SmartApp for citizens to report overflowing bins, clearance in stipulated time
  • Onsite food waste processing vehicles that will support clearance from commercial streets and establishments by processing waste closest to the site of generation
  • Zero cost (no capital cost or operational cost) to PMC, zero land requirements and zero power requirements

Thumbs Up For

  • First-of-its kind mobile food waste processing vehicle
  • Large capacity food waste segregation-cum-crushing facility in Baner to process over 300 tonne per day food waste delivered by PMC into slurry and transport it using drip free, odour free tankers to processing plant in Talegaon
  • In phase II, similar segregation-cum-crushing facility to be set up at PMC transfer stations so that food waste doesn't travel long distances in open trucks or vehicles. Dramatically reduce transportation and handling costs for PMC
  • Activation and communication programmes targeted to generate citizen awareness, participation and attitude change for responsible behaviour towards waste management

Domino Effect

  • At current estimates, over 1,700 tonnes of waste is generated in the city of which 52-55% is wet waste
  • When wet food waste is segregated at source, inorganic waste like plastic, metal, paper and rags can be scientifically processed and effectively recycled
  • This will ensure minimization of landfill and free up urban land for productive purposes
  • Organic food waste when disposed of unscientifically creates social, environmental and health hazards

"For now, we will build hundreds of toilets for men and women in Mumbai which will be maintained by a housekeeping agency. After two years, we will move our clean city initiative to Mumbai. We have already started meeting Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation authorities" -Adar Poonawalla (Chief Executive officer of Serum Institute of India)

Source: Times of India (8th Jan 2016)

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