APCCI which not only helping city to keep clean but
also brings all people together for a good cause

We Welcome You To Become A Volunteer To Keep Our CityClean

Explore The Transformative Power Of Volunteering Within You

Mangesh Kshirsagar

Young partner wanting a bigger change

A young partner wanting a bigger change, Mangesh Kshirsagar chose his career in the development sector which enabled him to get associated with like minded organizations. He got associated with APCCI in 2017. Those were the early days of this initiative and Mangesh got engaged in many initiatives including spreading awareness in schools, colleges and common citizens

According to Mangesh "There are many people in society who are doing wonderful work on waste management and environment and they are looking for platforms to create a larger impact. APCCI is giving them that platform. It requires empathy, compassion and passion to be a good volunteer. I feel Pune is lucky to have APCCI which not only helping city to keep clean but also brings all people together for a good cause. Having rolled out the initiatives successfully, what is important now is to focus on creating awareness amongst younger generation first so that the they can be responsible future citizens and will maintain cleanliness and environment."

Sathya Natarajan

Young IT professional and a green change enabler.

A change maker right from young age, IT professional Sathya Natarajan is leading the way volunteers get engaged with green movements. It was in 2014 that Satya Natarajan started volunteering at a smaller scale which involved painting walls on the streets of Hadapsar & conducting clean-up drives in various areas. These clean-up drives gave him a sense of content and satisfaction every time he looked at clean surroundings. While working for a multinational company as an onsite director, he volunteered with various NGOs for multiple initiatives. Although different NGOs had different objectives and working methods, he had his path of learning and understood that the larger objective is welfare of the people. The volunteering efforts opened up his mind for new visions. This led him to be associated with APCCI which has the vision of bringing about change and at a larger scale.

According to Sathya Natarajan "A volunteer is someone who imbibes qualities like empathy, curiosity, learning & a vision to bring about change.I like to be associated with APCCI because , here is a team which works on a larger scale to bring about a change, to work for the welfare of the people with no expectations at all. The relentless efforts in this direction gives me immense satisfaction and inspires me to do more."